7, Salor bo'yi street, Tashkent. "START" Business Center, 2nd floor.
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7, Salor bo'yi street, Tashkent. "START" Business Center, 2nd floor.
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Manufacture of PC and monoblocks

In 2006 Memory Technology Central Asia started manufacturing computers in Uzbekistan under the trademark of Navigator. This area of focus was very important since there was very serious competition on this market at that time. From the beginning the Company focused on the quality of products while keeping the prices at a competitive level.

Each computer manufactured by our company since that time undergoes the initial tests. At that these tests are preceded by a very serious selection of all components used in production. Only high-quality components of the world famous manufacturers are selected. At the initial stage all the components are also checked by our engineers. The production process is being finalized by testing of the hardware, compatibility of the equipment with the software products used in our region and only then the process can be considered to be complete. We try to work intensively for our customers to receive quickly the equipment ordered, so the whole precise production process remains almost unnoticed and does not make our customers waiting long.

Our company is proud to say that computers produced by us have exceptionally positive feedback from our customers, and the quality of products is one of the best existing today in the Uzbek market.

Considering the current trends starting from 2015 our engineers have developed technical requirements and our company received a certificate for production of monoblock units. Since that time the products range manufactured by our company has been expanded by monoblock units occupying a certain niche on our market.

After-sales and warranty service play not a little but perhaps one of the most important roles, in our opinion. This concept is given much attention to. The specialized service center is ready to provide any services and solve any problems of our customers in the shortest possible time.

Memory Technology Central Asia was among the first to apply the long-term warranty service practice in Uzbekistan. Today we are ready to provide our customers with the warranty obligations of the standard 1 to 3 years period of free warranty service. We are sure in the highest quality of the components used and a thorough and responsible approach to the production process. A lot of companies and enterprises are already our customers, and we are sure that this list will only expand, and we hope and will be happy to see you among our partners and customers.