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Licensed software

Do you have the following tasks?

  • Selection and installation of the licensed software,
  • Selection and installation of anti-virus software,
  • Mail protection and Data leakage prevention.

Solutions offered by MTCA

One of the factors for continuous operation of your company is the reliability and security of its IT infrastructure. Guarantees of its uninterrupted operation and confidence in the information security are first of all provided by the properly selected and embedded software.

MTCA will help you to determine the optimal licensing scheme meeting the company requirements and allowing you not to exceed the allocated budget.

MTCA will supply, install and set up the licensed software. At the same time we ensure the regular software update for your company with the released packages of licensed programs and guarantee their timely installation. We have an interactive line of online consultations for our clients.

MTCA solves issues related to information security, protection against virus attacks and spam, security of e-mail messages and documents backup. We will protect your computers from viruses penetration, spyware, worms and Trojans the impact of which not only causes work failure in the office but can also jeopardize important transactions and entail information leak to competitors. Licensed software users can be assured of its reliability that allows working peacefully with serious projects. MTCA will not only ensure smooth operation of the software but will also protect your information from thefts, disappearance and any unauthorized actions.

MTCA is an official partner of such leading software manufacturers and vendors as: Kaspersky Lab, ESET, Dr.Web, Microsoft, etc.