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Warranty Information

When purchasing equipment, request that it be checked in your presence and that a warranty card be filled out. Without presentation of the warranty card or if it is filled out incorrectly, claims regarding the quality of the product will not be accepted and warranty repairs will not be performed. Acceptance of the product for warranty repair is carried out only if it is fully equipped and in the presence of the original packaging.

If during the warranty period a defect is discovered in the product due to its imperfect design, insufficient manufacturing skills or poor-quality materials, we guarantee free warranty repair of the defective product (or part, or parts thereof) at the service center, subject to the following conditions:

  • Warranty service includes free elimination of defects or malfunctions of the product caused by manufacturing defects that arose before the transfer of the product to the buyer or during operation during the warranty period.
  • Warranty repairs are carried out within the established warranty periods in the presence of a warranty card, complete equipment, original packaging and documentation.

The warranty is valid if the UPS is correctly connected by qualified specialists. The UPS is intended for indoor use only. The UPS installation location should be protected from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and from liquids. We recommend installing an air conditioner indoors based on the square footage of the room. Make sure the UPS vents are not blocked. Sufficient space must be provided for effective ventilation.

All monoblocks have a warranty period of 12 months from the date of purchase. All-in-one monoblocks are serviced at a branded service center, which has all the necessary equipment to diagnose and eliminate the causes of malfunctions. Monoblocks should be checked when transferring the goods to the buyer, in the presence of people from the company of the supplier and the buyer, or independently within 12 hours from the moment of delivery. The following items are subject to inspection: completeness, presence of defects on the case and displays, keyboard and mouse. After 12 hours from the date of delivery, all goods are considered accepted by the Buyer. The configuration is discussed in advance. Installation of additional components is carried out by the service center.

If any independent opening or damage to the seals of the product (monoblock, UPS/UPS) is detected by the buyer, the warranty is void.

Non-warranty cases:

  1. When connecting a load exceeding that declared by the manufacturer.
  2. The warranty does not cover batteries in wireless sets (keyboard, mouse).
  3. Overheating caused by incorrect room temperature conditions (UPS).
  4. Moisture ingress.
  5. Self-dissection.
  6. Incorrect installation.
  7. Incorrect operation.
  8. Mechanical damage (broken screen, scratches and cracks on the body).
  9. Ingress of large amounts of dust or insects.


  • The beginning of the warranty period is established from the moment the device is sold to the User.
  • Software, including pre-installed software, is not subject to warranty support.
  • The warranty does not apply to consumables and parts that have a limited service life established by the Manufacturer.
  • The warranty does not include service (preventative) work.